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Your Top Options in Using and Hanging Your PVC Banner

Your Top Options in Using and Hanging Your PVC Banner

When it comes to your advertising and marketing options, there’s no traditional marketing tool that can be as effective as a banner. It’s true that you have other choices, such as advertising on social media, advertising in newspapers or magazines, or even advertising by word-of-mouth, but if you really want to get maximum exposure for the least expense, a banner is the way to do it. But there’s another issue – how do you hang or use your PVC banners in the best possible way? Here are your top options in using and hanging your PVC banner.

Fasten it to a fence or railing

This is probably the most common way to hang up a banner – by attaching it to a fence or railing. The process is easy as well – all you have to do is get some string, cable ties, or ropes and secure your banner to the fence or railing. Make sure, though, that when you attach the banner, it’s secured as tightly as possible. The PVC banner, when hung, should stretch out smoothly from one end to the other.

If you are planning to hang your banner on a fence or railing that has a good bit of exposure to wind, you can make use of bungee ties. These enable the banner to withstand the strength of the wind. Another option would be to use mesh PVC banners which are expressly-designed to handle wind exposure and other extreme weather conditions.

Hang it on the wall

PVC banners, as banner printing services confirm, are also often hung on walls, and walls serve as a great location for hanging your banner simply because they offer better protection, they have the advantage of height, and they can help your banner last longer as well.

When you hang your banner from a wall, one side of the banner is not exposed to the wind. The wall itself provides extra shelter. Also, you have the option to attach your banner at a higher location, depending on how high the actual wall is. Once you have a higher position for your banner, more people and passersby are likely to see it. And since your banner is on a wall, it’s basically off the ground, where it is also less likely to become damaged by stray twigs or branches, people, or motorists.

Make use of banner stands or frames

The third way you can install your PVC banner is with banner stands or frames. These are specially-constructed and can also be single-sided or double-sided according to your specifications. The great thing about banner stands or frames is that they are semi-permanent, which means that you can use them as a long-standing feature right in front of your shop or establishment, and they are highly-versatile, being a great alternative if you don’t have a wall or fence from which to hang your banner.

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