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When is buying a house a good financial decision?

When is buying a house a good financial decision?

Considering to buy your first home, but still unsure because of personal and economic conditions? You’re not alone! Hundreds – thousands of potential homeowners’ struggle with the idea of finally committing to property ownership for understandable reasons.

So how would you know that buying a home is a good financial decision for you right now? Check out these factors:

Owning costs are less than renting. If you’ve assessed your budget and realised that your monthly payments for buying a home are less than you’re currently paying in rent, then it’s high time to purchase a home. Consult with the bank and check what your mortgage payments would be for different types of properties and check what you can afford. Don’t forget to include other costs you have to pay as well. If it’s the same or near, you’d be saving money by purchasing a home – and there’s the benefit of putting tour money towards your own home.

What’s great is that you don’t have to leave the confines (and the comfort) of your home to find great listings in good locations. Find the next perfect home for you and your family by visiting and browsing pre-built houses or properties to suit your family’s needs.

You’re 100% into it and you have a stable job. Your mind and soul are ready! Just like the time you planned to propose to your girlfriend, buying a house requires 100% of your commitment. Home ownership comes with a plethora of responsivities, which includes maintenance, property taxes, mortgage, and selling when the time comes to move again.

There are also moving expenses, legal fees, and all other costs that come with home ownership. If you are in a stable or business venture that will provide continuous finances for a mortgage, then it’s time. You can also have the property rented if you so wish.

A good buyer’s market. When the demand for housing is relatively low and there are multiple properties on the market that aren’t being sold fast enough, this is known as a buyer’s market. In this market, you will have a stronger bargaining power under the conditions than if you’re buying in a seller’s market, where the demand for homes is high, which results in few properties on the market sells fast. In a buyer’s market, you have a higher chance to get better prices and you’ll be able to negotiate a seller’s list price down – even quite significantly – and save yourself a lot of money in the process.

Low-interest rates. Low-interest rates mean that it’s a god time to look at purchasing a home. You’ll be able to get a good interest rate on your mortgage loan, which will save you a lot of money in the future. A home is stereotypically the single largest acquisition anyone makes, and the amount of interest that come with a mortgage adds up over the years that you pay the loan. Just a small difference in the percentage can make a big difference over the long run.

Take note that buying a home is a big commitment – perhaps even bigger than marriage! Therefore, you should never purchase a home without planning and be sure that you’re ready to take on the responsibility. Now if you’re ready to commit and you find yourself with a couple of factors in this article like a low-interest rate and a buyers’ market, then perhaps it’s the right time to take the plunge!

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