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The Advantages of Using Freestanding Jib Cranes

The Advantages of Using Freestanding Jib Cranes

Free standing jib cranes are a popular choice in many industrial areas, and for good reason. Lifting equipment is an important part of warehouses and factories, as it prevents injury that can be caused by manual labour as well as enabling larger loads to be moved with ease.

Jib cranes are often used on construction sites, in engineering, in manufacturing factories, and on loading docks. Free standing jib cranes work in the same way as other types of crane in that they lift, move and lower materials. However, they are generally more compact and have less moving parts. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages that a freestanding jib crane can provide.


Jib cranes are powerful cranes that take up only a small amount of surface space. This makes them extremely versatile. They can be utilised in almost any industry, as they’re able to lift up to two tonnes with ease, although large models can lift even more. This load is able to be rotated a full 360 degrees, allowing objects to be lifted and moved almost anywhere safely. This is particularly useful for loading flatbed trucks or moving containers to a more practical location. These various functions can be performed with ease, as jib cranes use very simple controls and have less moving parts than other cranes.

Jib cranes also have a huge number of advantages over other types of cranes. The first is the amount of space they take up. Due to their compact nature, they’re ideal for warehouses and factories. They won’t dominate the space but can be used to practically move loads on and off flatbeds and other surfaces. These cranes can also lift a much larger load than might be expected, as detailed above. This means you won’t be compromising on lifting capacity when choosing the smaller jib crane over another type of crane.

All jib cranes are also easier to maintain and repair than others. They have fewer parts to them and a less complex system that makes both operation and maintenance a breeze. This means they are often more cost-effective in the long run than more complicated machines.

Advantages of Freestanding Over Wall Mounted Cranes

A useful tool in many industries, there are many advantages to choosing a freestanding jib crane, including the ability to carry great loads while taking up a minimal amount of space.

A wall mounted crane may take up less floor space than a freestanding jib crane, but it is not afforded the same range of motion. Due to the position of the wall, it can’t rotate a complete 360 degrees like a freestanding crane can. This limits the movement and potential of the crane.

Freestanding cranes are independent to other structures and therefore don’t depend on them for additional support, so they won’t add any strain to the building. As a result, they are able to lift greater weights. They also utilise triangular base plate gussets which makes positioning loads simpler.

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