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5 Ways to Improve Communication in a Healthcare Organization

5 Ways to Improve Communication in a Healthcare Organization

When it comes to communication in your healthcare organization, do you believe there is room for improvement? In most organizations this is the case, so it’s essential to keep finding ways to address this important aspect of your healthcare organization. Some simple changes to your […]

How Ladbrokes Has Survived In a Competitive Marketplace

How Ladbrokes Has Survived In a Competitive Marketplace

Following its merger with the Gala Coral Group to form Ladbroke Coral, in July 2015 Ladbrokes was the biggest bookmakers in the UK. It has been operating for over a century, with its founding in 1886, and in that time, the company has had to […]

Ways to help your business bounce back on its feet

Ways to help your business bounce back on its feet

Occasionally companies find themselves experiencing issues that can come from incompetent management, imperfect strategy, or a couple of other small issues that negatively impact the entire enterprise. Some businesses need someone to come in and assist with establishing good corporate governance practices to change the course.

Here are a couple of ways to help your business bounce back on its feet.

Start with a clean slate. When first looking at a business and getting familiar with it, you’ll hear a lot from co-workers and founders or the news about their issues and the steps they’re taking to take care of the problem. People often analyse a business and provide answers or solutions without actually knowing the business. Drown out the noise and you’ll find that the solution to most of your internal issues is easier to fix.

Focus on your people. A lot of leaders make the mistake of focusing on the software, upgrading the hardware, and looking at reports without taking full notice of the most important asset, which is the human capital – your human asset. All your procedures, systems, and protocols will only be as good as the people driving them and this is definitely more vital to the business.

Act quickly but plan wisely. When your organization needs to make fast changes, the changes could become a risk. Instantly removing a vendor or a product without a good alternative can compromise the quality of the products or services you’re offering. In short, do not go into panic mode.

Face the issues head on. When planning a turnaround mission, you must be realistic about the timeline you want to give yourself. If you’re not realistic about the issues facing your business, your timeline will be off and your new strategy will become faulty.

Being guarded, elusive and not transparent can increase the rumours and whispers employees are already breeding. For instance, when the senior team is sneaking or holding secret closed-door meetings or saying one thing to one group and another thing to another—this just intensifies the acceleration by which the business declines.

Let people adapt. If you’re looking to help your business bounce back on its feet, you need to give your people a chance to turn themselves around for the good of your company – you can still cut them loose if they don’t.

Take those who are being resistant aside and tell them in a warm and friendly manner that their way of thinking should be changed. Whatever you do, drive the new mission and map out clear instructions on how things should change for the betterment of the business.

Asking for assistance

Oftentimes businesses would require assistance when trying to improve their corporate governance practices, in which case providers are available to assist with consultation, planning and execution of the new strategies the business needs to bounce back on its feet.

That’s it. Every business is different, so you must tailor-fit your strategies based on your industry and the state of your processes – don’t be afraid to ask for a third party help. How about your business? What current struggles are you experiencing and what are you doing to fix them? Share it with us in the comments below!

Defrost Your Chest Freezer in 3 Quick and Easy Steps

Defrost Your Chest Freezer in 3 Quick and Easy Steps

How long has it been since you defrosted your chest freezer? If you’re like most people, it may be hard to remember the last time you completed this task. However, regular maintenance of all your commercial kitchen equipment – including your chest freezer – is […]

How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

People who want to use professionals to perform carpet cleaning can often be deterred by not knowing how much it will cost and how long the job will take. The first question can usually be answered easily enough, as most companies that carry out carpet […]

The Advantages of Using Freestanding Jib Cranes

The Advantages of Using Freestanding Jib Cranes

Free standing jib cranes are a popular choice in many industrial areas, and for good reason. Lifting equipment is an important part of warehouses and factories, as it prevents injury that can be caused by manual labour as well as enabling larger loads to be moved with ease.

Jib cranes are often used on construction sites, in engineering, in manufacturing factories, and on loading docks. Free standing jib cranes work in the same way as other types of crane in that they lift, move and lower materials. However, they are generally more compact and have less moving parts. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages that a freestanding jib crane can provide.


Jib cranes are powerful cranes that take up only a small amount of surface space. This makes them extremely versatile. They can be utilised in almost any industry, as they’re able to lift up to two tonnes with ease, although large models can lift even more. This load is able to be rotated a full 360 degrees, allowing objects to be lifted and moved almost anywhere safely. This is particularly useful for loading flatbed trucks or moving containers to a more practical location. These various functions can be performed with ease, as jib cranes use very simple controls and have less moving parts than other cranes.

Jib cranes also have a huge number of advantages over other types of cranes. The first is the amount of space they take up. Due to their compact nature, they’re ideal for warehouses and factories. They won’t dominate the space but can be used to practically move loads on and off flatbeds and other surfaces. These cranes can also lift a much larger load than might be expected, as detailed above. This means you won’t be compromising on lifting capacity when choosing the smaller jib crane over another type of crane.

All jib cranes are also easier to maintain and repair than others. They have fewer parts to them and a less complex system that makes both operation and maintenance a breeze. This means they are often more cost-effective in the long run than more complicated machines.

Advantages of Freestanding Over Wall Mounted Cranes

A useful tool in many industries, there are many advantages to choosing a freestanding jib crane, including the ability to carry great loads while taking up a minimal amount of space.

A wall mounted crane may take up less floor space than a freestanding jib crane, but it is not afforded the same range of motion. Due to the position of the wall, it can’t rotate a complete 360 degrees like a freestanding crane can. This limits the movement and potential of the crane.

Freestanding cranes are independent to other structures and therefore don’t depend on them for additional support, so they won’t add any strain to the building. As a result, they are able to lift greater weights. They also utilise triangular base plate gussets which makes positioning loads simpler.

Are You Involved in Food Catering? What You Should Know about the Proper Gas Engineer

Are You Involved in Food Catering? What You Should Know about the Proper Gas Engineer

If you are involved in the food catering industry, then you know full well that it’s a lot of work – but the results often make up for all the time and effort you put into it. You do, however, need to make sure that […]

5 Restaurant Tips For Opening A Successful Business

5 Restaurant Tips For Opening A Successful Business

Planning to have your own business is something almost everyone dreams of. People who love food or have some experience in the catering field, have worked in a Hotel or a food industry, are more likely to be dreaming of opening their restaurant. However, if […]

How can wireless printing increase productivity

How can wireless printing increase productivity

Wireless printers are one of the handiest devices you can have in the workplace as they provide businesses small or large with a whole host of benefits.

The primary benefit of wireless printers is that they allow workers to access them without even being connected. Their wireless feature means that they can connect to your PC or laptop, as well as your smartphones and tablets too.

These perks combined can lead to enhanced productivity in your office as well as excellent printing! Read on to discover the full impact wireless printing can have on your business.

How to print from a wireless device

When you get your hands on a wireless printer for the first time, you’ll notice that it arrives with a wireless adapter built into it. This is so you can connect your printer to not only your router, but a vast range of other wireless devices too.

One of the biggest annoyances about standard printers are that they must be connected to your PC manually, and have to be located next to it, taking up a ton of space. By connecting your wireless printer to the router, you can print documents from anywhere in your office as long as there is a good connection. Also, if your printer manufacturer has a mobile app, then you can also print directly from your smartphone or tablet too.

How does wireless printing enhance productivity?

Wireless printers don’t only provide businesses with cost-saving solutions and better printing quality, but they can also enhance productivity at work. Here’s why:

Fast set-up

Connecting an entire office to your office printer can be a nightmare if done manually, but with wireless devices, the time you spend setting up is significantly shorter.

In addition to this, by having a wireless printer in your office, it means that you can situate your device anywhere in the office which is going to have less of a distraction on your workers.

With a wireless device, it will also put an end to workers having to save their ready-to-print documents on a USB stick before every print job, if that is the common solution in your office. All printing tasks can be completed at the click of a button.

Allows you more time at your desk

With a wireless printer, you can wave goodbye to printer queues.

If you and other colleagues are sending different print jobs to your printer at the same time, you can be waiting a while before you get your hands on the documents you need. However, wireless printers allow you to do everything from your seat as well as allowing multiple users to benefit from it at the same time.

Network-connected printers don’t offer this luxury, meaning that many businesses nationwide are forced to fork out more on multiple devices to accommodate their staff’s printing requirements.

Some wireless printers, like the HP Color Laserjet Enterprise, are built with speed and productivity in mind. These efficient machines can complete important printing jobs in no time at all, with a 6 second per page print speed.

If you’re looking to limit printing resources in your office, then models such as the HP Color Laserjet Pro would be a wonderful addition to your office as it comes with an automatic double sided printing feature, halving your outgoings on printing materials.

These benefits give your staff more time to focus on important tasks instead of being stood around a printer numerous times a day.

They’re all in one machines

There are some wireless printers on the market today that are not only capable of quality printing, but have other handy perks too!

These additional built in features include a scanner, a photocopier, a faxing function and more. This will enhance your staff’s productivity as it means they’re not going to have to use multiple different machines throughout the course of the working day.

Stay secure

Despite the many positives of wireless printers, it’s important to realise that they can be prone to security breaches at the same time. When you invest in an office printer, it’s very essential to be aware who has access to it.

To keep your device protected, think of a hard-to-guess password for the administrator’s panel so you can remain quietly confident that only the members of your team have access to it. It’s also very important to update the built-in software regularly to limit the chances of your security settings being breached.

Lastly, double check whether your printer supports encrypted connections, as this can stop hackers getting their hands on important business documents.

Do you want enhanced productivity in your workforce? Well go out and get your hands on a wireless printer today and benefit from fast-paced and secure printing solutions.

Your Top Options in Using and Hanging Your PVC Banner

Your Top Options in Using and Hanging Your PVC Banner

When it comes to your advertising and marketing options, there’s no traditional marketing tool that can be as effective as a banner. It’s true that you have other choices, such as advertising on social media, advertising in newspapers or magazines, or even advertising by word-of-mouth, […]