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Maintain Your Property – and Prolong its Life – the Easy Way

Maintain Your Property – and Prolong its Life – the Easy Way

When you have property, it’s obvious that it should be maintained. Well-maintained pieces of property will not only attract the right kind of tenants – it will also ensure that you will have a low turnover rate of tenants, and you will be able to maintain amicable relations with tenants and your neighbors in the community.

But if you have other responsibilities and simply could not spend time on maintaining your property and managing it properly, you can rely on the services of a property manager.

A property manager has many duties with regards to your property. Not only does this include your property’s physical upkeep, but it also includes tenant screening, rent collection, and even acting as a mediator in conflicts between different tenants.


If you are seeking to enlist the expertise of a property manager from a Greenwich CT property management company, here’s what you should expect from them:

Rent collection and management

Of course, the property manager is in charge of collecting rent from tenants each month. But among their other duties, you can also rely on the property manager to set the appropriate pricing for your units. They will be able to do this by checking the value of the property and assessing its worth in the market. A good property manager will be able to set the rent level based on these and compared to other properties in the area.

The property manager is also the one who will set the date for rent collection each month, and will personally visit each and every tenant and collect rent from them.

Tenant responsibilities

In this regard, an expert property manager is a big help. If you are just starting out and would like to find tenants for your property, the property manager can do this for you. They will be responsible for advertising and marketing your property, and they can assess your property and make suggestions in order to make it more attractive to potential tenants.

Aside from finding tenants, property managers are in charge of screening them by performing background and credit checks, creating and handling the leases of each unit, and dealing with complaints or emergencies. The more unpleasant aspects of property management also fall on the shoulders of the property manager, and these include dealing with evictions and late payments, and dealing with move-outs and inspections.

 Physical maintenance and repairs

This is standard procedure for property managers. They will be responsible for hiring people to do maintenance, landscaping, do repairs, remove trash, and the like. They should be able to find good and reliable plumbers, gardeners, electricians, and carpenters.

These are just some of the many duties of a property manager. They must always be on-call and must be well-organized especially when it comes to records and reports. If you have an efficient property manager, your property will increase in value and stay in demand for a long time to come.

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