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Is a Woman Speaker Right for Your Event?

Is a Woman Speaker Right for Your Event?

When is it a good idea to hire a woman speaker? Whether a male or a female candidate would be ideal for the role of a guest speaker depends on three things – the purpose, the topic and the audience.

Let’s take a close look at when a woman speaker can be the right choice for an event.

Is a female candidate suited for the purpose? A woman candidate would be well-suited for a business event with the aim to inspire and motivate. You need to determine the purpose of the event before you decide whether a male or a female can be the speaker.

If an event requires the speaker to pass on specific or technical information, you need to choose someone with knowledge and expertise in the field. It can be a male or a female speaker. In such a circumstance, the gender of the individual doesn’t matter much.

Again, if it is an event where you need to spread awareness about something specific, such as breast cancer, a survivor may be best suited to speak. She can inspire and motivate others to overcome the health condition and lead a successful life.

Is a woman speaker appropriate for the topic? If a woman has expertise in the niche your event addresses, the next point to consider is the topic on which he/she needs to speak. You need to discuss the details of the speech before you book the candidate.

A woman speaker may find it easier to speak on a topic in the niche she specialises in. Female digital media speakers may find it easier to speak on the impact of social media. Make sure you choose someone who can speak on the topic selected for the event.

It is best to choose someone who has already spoken on similar topics in previous events. Check out the audios or videos of these speeches to evaluate her skills as a presenter. This would help you ensure that you have made the right selection.

Is a female presenter ideal for the audience? At the end of the day, it comes to the connection between the speaker and the audience. Whether you choose a male or a female to act as the guest speaker, if he/she fails to connect with the attendees, it’s of no use.

Think about the audience – is it predominantly male, female or a mix? What do they expect from the speaker? How well would they connect with a male candidate? How well would they connect with a female speaker? Answers to these questions are necessary.

For a social event with a young, predominantly female audience who look forward to entertainment, a celebrity male can be a great choice. However, if it is an awareness event for a mixed audience, an expert female candidate may be ideal for a speech.

After you have an idea about when to select woman speakers, the next task is to find them.

The easiest way to find competent female speakers is to get in touch with a speaker’s bureau. Find out the agencies that have extensive lists of competent women presenters and choose one that fits your purpose, topic and audience.

Don’t depend on what the agency says about the speaker. Arrange an appointment to talk to the individual. This can be in person, over the telephone or online. This conversation would help you assess the communication skills of the candidate.

Discuss the details of the event with the candidate. If you think she is the right choice, talk about the terms and conditions of the agreement. Get everything in a written contract. If necessary, ask the agency to help you with the arrangements.

Ava Parker is an event management consultant. She provides tips and suggestions for event planners and organisers to make the correct decision with regard to the choice of guest speakers. She helps you understand when inspirational woman speakers are right for your event.

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