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How to Win a Government Contract

How to Win a Government Contract

Today the bustling city-state of Singapore has a healthy, government-ordained budget in place for vigorous commerce and development. There is a notable trend of social and economic growth happening, which means that there are also innumerable procurement opportunities available for qualified contractors and subcontractors.

To help independent contractors become a valid Singapore business incorporation, land some such lucrative opportunities, and qualify for profitable government contracts, there is a clear path to follow:

Refer to GeBiz
GeBiz is a web-based procurement portal maintained by Singapore’s government. GeBiz publishes announcements for available contract work, and solicits contractor bids for various projects in the private sector. GeBiz is regularly maintained and constantly updated, and new procurement opportunities are posted daily. It has an interface that is easy to use and understand, and it is a vital tool that puts contractors in touch with relevant work in Singapore.

Become a GeBiz Trading Partner
If you want to start a Singapore company that can bid government contracts, you must become a GeBiz Trading Partner. It is an extensive process that requires a number of forms and filings. Once you have fully undergone the registration process and become an official GeBiz Trading Partner, you will be eligible to bid for jobs. Of course, each proposition will also require its own set of completed forms. While it may seem like a very complicated process, you will become more and more comfortable with all the necessary paperwork with each new proposal you submit.

Know What You Can Do
With so many opportunities available, you might be tempted to compete for numerous projects at once. But honing in on what you do best and finding work in which those skills are most needed will prove to be more beneficial to you in the long run. By taking on one job at a time in areas of your expertise, you are giving yourself the opportunity to do excellent work, establish good rapport and reputation in the community, and increase the likelihood of many future opportunities after the first one finishes well. Start by recognizing your company’s strengths, and use them to make proficient bids. Being able to successfully impart what you are skilled to do will help you present a strong identity and write more impressive proposals.

Know the Fine Points of the Job
Before submitting bids and quotes, be fully aware of everything the job will entail. Consider carefully whether you have the experience working with whatever supplies the job requires and means to acquire necessary tools and materials. Be certain of the scope of work and the timeframes in which milestones and final goals must be accomplished. Understand the requirements of the job and be sure that you are capable of delivering all it requires in the allotted time.

Get to Know the Network
GeBiz provides the introduction to a varying number of work opportunities, and though much of its bidding processes may happen online, it is a wise move to submit some forms in person, and try to schedule meetings with people who make hiring decisions. You will not win every project you pursue, but you might be selected for some based on the impression you make at in-person meetings. Make yourself real to them, and give them a friendly face to remember.

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