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How can wireless printing increase productivity

How can wireless printing increase productivity

Wireless printers are one of the handiest devices you can have in the workplace as they provide businesses small or large with a whole host of benefits.

The primary benefit of wireless printers is that they allow workers to access them without even being connected. Their wireless feature means that they can connect to your PC or laptop, as well as your smartphones and tablets too.

These perks combined can lead to enhanced productivity in your office as well as excellent printing! Read on to discover the full impact wireless printing can have on your business.

How to print from a wireless device

When you get your hands on a wireless printer for the first time, you’ll notice that it arrives with a wireless adapter built into it. This is so you can connect your printer to not only your router, but a vast range of other wireless devices too.

One of the biggest annoyances about standard printers are that they must be connected to your PC manually, and have to be located next to it, taking up a ton of space. By connecting your wireless printer to the router, you can print documents from anywhere in your office as long as there is a good connection. Also, if your printer manufacturer has a mobile app, then you can also print directly from your smartphone or tablet too.

How does wireless printing enhance productivity?

Wireless printers don’t only provide businesses with cost-saving solutions and better printing quality, but they can also enhance productivity at work. Here’s why:

Fast set-up

Connecting an entire office to your office printer can be a nightmare if done manually, but with wireless devices, the time you spend setting up is significantly shorter.

In addition to this, by having a wireless printer in your office, it means that you can situate your device anywhere in the office which is going to have less of a distraction on your workers.

With a wireless device, it will also put an end to workers having to save their ready-to-print documents on a USB stick before every print job, if that is the common solution in your office. All printing tasks can be completed at the click of a button.

Allows you more time at your desk

With a wireless printer, you can wave goodbye to printer queues.

If you and other colleagues are sending different print jobs to your printer at the same time, you can be waiting a while before you get your hands on the documents you need. However, wireless printers allow you to do everything from your seat as well as allowing multiple users to benefit from it at the same time.

Network-connected printers don’t offer this luxury, meaning that many businesses nationwide are forced to fork out more on multiple devices to accommodate their staff’s printing requirements.

Some wireless printers, like the HP Color Laserjet Enterprise, are built with speed and productivity in mind. These efficient machines can complete important printing jobs in no time at all, with a 6 second per page print speed.

If you’re looking to limit printing resources in your office, then models such as the HP Color Laserjet Pro would be a wonderful addition to your office as it comes with an automatic double sided printing feature, halving your outgoings on printing materials.

These benefits give your staff more time to focus on important tasks instead of being stood around a printer numerous times a day.

They’re all in one machines

There are some wireless printers on the market today that are not only capable of quality printing, but have other handy perks too!

These additional built in features include a scanner, a photocopier, a faxing function and more. This will enhance your staff’s productivity as it means they’re not going to have to use multiple different machines throughout the course of the working day.

Stay secure

Despite the many positives of wireless printers, it’s important to realise that they can be prone to security breaches at the same time. When you invest in an office printer, it’s very essential to be aware who has access to it.

To keep your device protected, think of a hard-to-guess password for the administrator’s panel so you can remain quietly confident that only the members of your team have access to it. It’s also very important to update the built-in software regularly to limit the chances of your security settings being breached.

Lastly, double check whether your printer supports encrypted connections, as this can stop hackers getting their hands on important business documents.

Do you want enhanced productivity in your workforce? Well go out and get your hands on a wireless printer today and benefit from fast-paced and secure printing solutions.

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