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High-tech Beauty Solutions That Will Make a Difference This 2018

High-tech Beauty Solutions That Will Make a Difference This 2018

We’ve come a long way from Egyptian cosmetics. And with the rise of breast augmentation Orange County and other cosmetic surgeries, we’re bound to go a long way more. In fact, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held at the start of the year, skincare and cosmetics companies have unveiled the latest innovations, from disposable wearables to biomedical engineered solutions. Thus, this year proves to be promising as advances in technology offers the new generation of beauty treatments and solutions.

Wearable Electronic UV Sensor

L’Oreal has revealed “UV Sense”, a battery-operated UV sensor that you can wear on your thumbnail for about two weeks. This electronic sensor can measure the level of UV exposure and store such data up to three months. It comes with an app that will translate the data and suggest solutions and sun-safety habits that you can follow. This technology is made as a step towards protecting the skin from the harmful effects of direct exposure to sunlight.

Once the sensor starts to get loose, you can re-apply it to your nail by using adhesives. You can power it using your smartphone.


Using microtechnology, microinjection techniques have made it possible for surgeons to administer tiny amounts of fillers in the upper layers of the skin. This can help erase pores and soften lines better. It can also tighten skin, smoothen complexion, and reduce oil production.

What sets microinjection apart from other operations is its ability to produce a completely natural result. The face will look rejuvenated as there’s no risk of overdoing things. You can also see the results three to five days after the procedure.

Skincare Analysis Application

Neutrogena introduces their latest Neutrogena Skin360 app which comes with SkinScanner. SkinScanner is a tool that you can attach to your phone. It will analyze your skin through its 30x magnification lens, 12 high-powered lights, and accurate sensors. It will then give data about your skin condition including the depth of your wrinkles, your moisture level, etc. This data will be translated to skin element scores, which you can view in the app. Lastly, SkinScanner will offer skincare advice and lessons to improve your skin over time.

Stem Cell Skin Rejuvenation

Stem cells can transform into any type of cell that your body needs. They can regenerate and repair dead skin cells. Thus, they are perfect to use for rejuvenation.

They can also be used in adding volume to the bust and bottom. After the liposuction operation to remove fat from the inner thighs and stomach, stem cells are combined with the fat. They are then injected into the desired area.

Artificial Skin

Shiseido, a Japanese beauty brand, has acquired the Second Skin technology from Olivo Laboratories. This technology allows the creation of flexible, breathable, and nearly invisible artificial skin. It can significantly enhance suncare solutions and skincare treatments if paired with skin shape correction.


Wearable electronic UV sensor, microinjection, skincare analysis application, stem cell skin rejuvenation, and artificial skin do not begin to portray just how much the beauty industry has achieved. However, they are sure to be game changers.

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