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Be a Business Mom With Your Kids Starting This Easter

Be a Business Mom With Your Kids Starting This Easter

The celebration of Easter signifies a brand new start. This is why many look forward to this holiday with lots of excitement, joy, and a spirit of celebration. But did you know that there are also plenty of business opportunities that you can exploit during this time of the year? With the tradition of Easter egg hunt and Easter gift giving, there are plenty of ways you can unleash your creativity and use that to earn profits at home.


This is something that stay at home moms should take advantage of. And the best part is that you can enlist the help of your kids so that they, too, can have a productive and meaningful Easter celebration. Kids also have a knack for coming up with creative business ideas that you can use. Here are a few of them worth giving a shot:


Painted Egg Delivery


Eggs are a hit during Easter time and you can incorporate a fun twist to enjoying cooked eggs by painting with in a variety of colors. Before you prepare them, it is best to survey your neighbors to take orders from those who might be interested in buying colored eggs from you. This will help you save time and effort when preparing them because you’ll know exactly how many to make. You can sell these eggs by piece or by the dozen. Also, take note of the specific colors they want on their eggs.


Parents must do the cooking of the eggs while children can help out in painting them once cooked. Then, you can place them in their respective baskets to be delivered to your neighbors.



Yard Art Sale on Easter


Aside from selling and delivering food items on Easter, another potentially profitable business idea is to sell artwork. There is no need to rent a place or stall to display your art works because you can do this in your backyard. Make sure to create artworks that are in line with the Easter theme, though. You can use wood, old paper and art supplies, among other things for making these creative masterpieces. This is your child’s opportunity to practice their art skills and be resourceful in making art. Plus, they’d be beaming with pride once they see their creations selling off one after the other.


Join Easter Art Show


You should not limit your showcase of your child’s Easter art creations in your backyard. There are also plenty of art shows staged during the Easter holiday, of which you can participate in. This is a good venue to showcase your art works to other buyers aside from your neighbors. Make sure to invite your friends or family members to attend the art show, or ask them to invite their friends or acquaintances, too.


For the business-minded person, any time of the year presents a wonderful opportunity to explore a business idea and make money. Your ability to earn is only limited by your imagination and creativity. If you’re a mother, encourage your child to participate because it is also a great opportunity to nurture their entrepreneurial skill while they are young.


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