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How Bitcoin Has Created a New Online Gambling Boom

How Bitcoin Has Created a New Online Gambling Boom

Bitcoin is the internet’s currency of choice. It’s digital currency with its own value independent of the currency that’s sanctioned in the world economy. What does this have to do with online gambling? Well, quite a bit. First, let’s unpack why bitcoin is gaining popularity […]

Planning an Exhibit: A Guide on How to Setup your Own Exhibit

Planning an Exhibit: A Guide on How to Setup your Own Exhibit

Exhibition at a tradeshow can be nerve-wracking if you do not have enough time to prepare a strategy for it. You do not have to worry much about it since there are many methods that you can try such as getting a help from ExpoMarketing. […]

How To Get A Great Deal When Buying A Car Online

How To Get A Great Deal When Buying A Car Online

When it comes to getting a great deal on a new or used car the best way to buy these days is online. Yet, how do you know which websites are the best sites to grab a great car deal? The best site will offer you comprehensive information on everything you need to know to buy, sell or trade a car. You’ll get all the trending advice on cars and car seat safety checks, as well as a handy app to get up to date pricing information and price drop alerts. When buying a car online you’ll want to arm yourself with the best website that helps you invest in what’s best for you and your family.

Learn How To Invest In A Car That Is Best For You

One of the best ways to buy a car online is to learn how to invest in a car that is best for you and your budget. Reading the blogs and expert knowledge on can help you make great car buying decisions. For instance, their Car Seat Safety Checks help you learn which cars best fit car seats and offer optimum safety for kids: You can find even more information on to help you arm yourself with budget buying power. Things like videos and reviews, as well as a multi-car comparison tool that helps you put the models you like side-by-side to decide.

Download The Ultimate Car Buying App

Next, download the ultimate car buying app from and take your budget buying power on the go. helps you do more at the dealership when you download the app. You can scan the VIN number on any car and get pricing information right in the palm of your hand. The best part: when you use the app to scan a VIN and aren’t happy with the price, you can opt in for push notifications that tell you when the price on the car you love drops. That way you aren’t pressured to buy when it the price isn’t in your budget.

Be More Proactive With Your Car Knowledge

Learning about the true value of cars can really help you get a great deal when buying online. When you go to trade in your current car you also won’t get any hassle from a dealership, especially when you use the app to sell your car. You can sell as fast as in one day with the Quick Offer app. You’ll even be able to compare up to four offers at a time from various dealers for your car. Of course, you don’t have to use the app. can help you sell or trade online and even create a listing. That way you get the best value for your current car, so you can get a great deal on your next car.

Learn About Service & Repair doesn’t stop supporting you once you drive your new or used car home. They go the extra mile and help you maintain your car for years to come. One of the best tools they offer is their service and repair advice. You can maintain your car with ease by also searching for recalls and notices on your vehicle. If you’re looking for a reputable service station, will also help you find one nearby with a fair price guarantee. So, you know you’ll always get a great deal for years to come with

4 Training Courses to Help You Become the “Collaboration” Guru of Your Company

4 Training Courses to Help You Become the “Collaboration” Guru of Your Company

Here are 4 training courses that will help you become the project collaboration guru of your company: Teamwork and collaboration in the workplace: Free course: A 6-day course that will walk you through creating the right daily task lists, keeping track of task plans, improving […]

Ethics and the Internet of Things

Ethics and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has created a series of new ethical dilemmas and they call for a renewed look at the rules and regulations that guide companies as they embrace and implement IoT solutions including smart devices, apps, and gather data from consumers. The issues […]

Should Online Casinos Be Legalized in All US States?

Should Online Casinos Be Legalized in All US States?

For decades, debates across the entire United States have raged on the issue of gambling. From nuanced changes in federal law to local initiatives, many people have advocated for the construction of new casinos and a liberalization of gambling laws in hundreds of jurisdictions. Throughout these debates, both sides have made allies that make for strange bedfellows in the lobbying process.

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Online casinos are an entirely different animal and their rise has only appeared in the last 20 years or so. Many people who support gambling at-large argue that the reported issues with physical casinos are not present in online gambling and therefore these entities should be allowed.

We’ll take a look at some of the arguments and try to make heads or tails of the situation surrounding online casinos.

The Current Landscape

At the federal level, there is no actual legislation that prohibits online gambling. However, not every state has laws on the books that allow for online casinos to operate in their states. In fact, only a handful of states allow online casinos specifically: Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey (and the U.S. Virgin Islands).

Multiple other states have introduced bills in recent years that would change that, but none have thus far moved beyond committee and ultimately passed their state legislatures. These states include California, Mississippi, New York and Pennsylvania, among others.

With that being said, online gambling is common among players in all 50 states. This is because prosecution against online casino players is rare. At present, the major risk falls on the heads of those operating the casinos. However, we do not recommend you break the law if you’re not in a state that allows online gambling (click here for tips for where play is legal).

Arguments against Online Gambling

There are many persuasive arguments out there against the proliferation of online gambling.

One of the most common relates to how gambling is an addiction for many who do it. While physical casinos require you to travel and be on-site to gamble, online casinos can be accessed from virtually anywhere. This means that those without impulse control can more easily satiate their addictions and lose even larger sums of money.

Another argument against online gambling is based on who is likely to gamble. For the most part, poor and working-class people disproportionately engage in state-sanctioned forms of gambling like the lottery. Advocates against gambling say that making online gambling easier than buying a scratch-off ticket will only further fuel a trend of redistributing money from the poor to the wealthy.

Arguments for Online Gambling

Many individuals in both the business community and government have argued for liberalization of online gambling laws.

One popular justification is the added tax revenue each online gambling website can produce. Rather than outlaw the practice, states that legalize it can then tax the proceeds – in some cases, above and beyond that of a normal business – and use that money to fund public services (or just reduce tax burdens elsewhere).

Another argument relates to the logistics of the status quo: state governments (as already mentioned) cannot prohibit nor police end-users and keep them from gambling. While they may be able to keep casinos from operating in their states, those who wish to gamble will just do so anyway via online casinos in other states or countries.

Depending on who you ask, there are multiple arguments for and against legalizing casinos in all states. From business concerns to issues of morality, much debate has occurred and will continue as more states begin to look at their options.

How to Fund your New Business through Playing Online Poker

How to Fund your New Business through Playing Online Poker

Something you may have never considered as a fantastic opportunity for generating a very handsome level of capital is through the playing of online poker. Whether you plan on playing in the professional leagues, or will just be applying your talents in the casual sectors, […]

Do You Have A Tech Idea? Here Are Three Reasons to Incubate Them in Hong Kong

Do You Have A Tech Idea? Here Are Three Reasons to Incubate Them in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has for many years won praise globally for supporting startups. As an Independent Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong works very hard to support businesses and stay ahead of other nations. The developments of the last decade have demonstrated that the world is […]

5 Ways to Improve Communication in a Healthcare Organization

5 Ways to Improve Communication in a Healthcare Organization

When it comes to communication in your healthcare organization, do you believe there is room for improvement? In most organizations this is the case, so it’s essential to keep finding ways to address this important aspect of your healthcare organization. Some simple changes to your organization, could make all of the difference and below are some of the ways you can do this.

  1. Invest in Secure, Integrated Communication Devices and Systems

Time is of the essence in many healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. These healthcare organizations usually have large numbers of staff members, so it’s essential that they can talk to each other, process information and much more, in a fast, efficient and secure way.

To achieve this goal, the decision makers in a healthcare organization need to find out what the most appropriate technologies are to help improve communication in healthcare. Examples include encrypted paging systems, secure smartphone systems and reliable and secure systems that store and allow you to easily access patient information.

  1. Provide the Appropriate Training for Your Staff Members

Without the proper training, your healthcare staff members may be performing well below their potential. Every new employee should be given extensive training as soon as they join your organization, so that they can get up and running as quickly as possible and become productive members of staff. Current employees should not be neglected either and should be sent on regular training courses to enhance their current work skills and interpersonal skills.

  1. Continually Review Communication in Your Organization

Improving communication in a healthcare-related organization is an ongoing activity. You may have set down solid foundations to improve this area of your organization, but if you don’t continually review its effectiveness, all of your hard work can be in vain.

To avoid this wasted effort, there are many tools and methods that can help you. Ideally, you want to find out what your employees think. You can do this through employee surveys, questionnaires and different types of tests.

  1. Be More Transparent with Your Employees

Employees communicate better with people they trust. If this is not the case in your organization, your employees will be less willing to engage with you and fellow members of staff and this can hold back your healthcare organization. However, if you and your management team are more transparent and treat your employees with respect, they will be more willing to cooperate and go the extra mile to help you succeed.

  1. Encourage Teamwork

If you’re one of the leading figures in your organization, you have to lead by example and introduce ways to encourage teamwork. Holding regular, productive meetings and brainstorming sessions, providing the right facilities for these activities and asking everyone to contribute to meetings and brainstorming sessions, are all effective ways to do this.

Improving communication in a healthcare organization is achievable. However, there has to be a willingness of the people in charge of an organization to introduce these changes. Above are some of the most effective ways you can do this.

How Ladbrokes Has Survived In a Competitive Marketplace

How Ladbrokes Has Survived In a Competitive Marketplace

Following its merger with the Gala Coral Group to form Ladbroke Coral, in July 2015 Ladbrokes was the biggest bookmakers in the UK. It has been operating for over a century, with its founding in 1886, and in that time, the company has had to […]

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Bitcoin is the internet’s currency of choice. It’s digital currency with its own value independent of the currency that’s sanctioned in the world economy.

What does this have to do with online gambling? Well, quite a bit. First, let’s unpack why bitcoin is gaining popularity in and of itself.

Why Is Bitcoin So Popular?

Bitcoin has gained popularity because, depending on the digital wallet used, you can save on transaction fees that plague monetary payments online. Plus, Bitcoin payments are practically instantaneous. This is because the virtual currency uses peer-to-peer technology for transfers.

In contrast, on sites using regular currency, withdrawals and transfers are carried out through standard means. This includes wire transfers, direct deposits, and pre-paid Visa cards.

Bitcoin, however, is different. It’s a completely virtual concept. A person’s Bitcoin wealth exists only online, in the form of online “ledgers.” These are accessed through “keys” – long strings of encrypted letters and numbers.

If you have Bitcoin, you give out your public key so people can send you Bitcoins. Meanwhile, your private key keeps your balance safe and is used to authorize transactions.

But, exactly why is all this great for gamblers?

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Great for Gamblers

Bitcoin is great for gamblers because they can bypass governmental regulations set in place. They can also enjoy fresh innovations in the gaming, betting, and gambling worlds.

1. It Circumvents Regulations, But Isn’t Illegal

It’s illegal for U.S. gamblers to process internet poker payments using U.S. banks. In general, internet gambling in the U.S. with real money is illegal except in a few states.

However, since Bitcoin isn’t tangible currency regulated by any government, Bitcoin gambling breaks no laws. People are free to play Texas Hold’em with virtual currency on the internet till their heart is content – and it’s especially popular in places where online gambling is highly regulated.

2. New Gaming Innovations Keeps Things Interesting

Along with bypassing gambling regulations, Bitcoin is ushering in new gambling and gaming innovations. Using Bitcoin’s unique principles based on networking and cryptography, new games are springing up that are becoming even more popular than old standbys like Texas Hold’em, Omaha high/low, and stud poker.

3. You Get No-Cost, Speedy Transactions

As we already mentioned, Bitcoin transactions are instant and safe thanks to the technology. Plus, they aren’t privy to fees that go hand-in-hand with transferring regular old currency.

This makes using Bitcoin a tempting way to gamble, since you essentially keep all the Bitcoins you win.

These reasons and more are what makes the combination of Bitcoin and online gambling so tempting for many.

What Are the Challenges?

Though Bitcoin sounds perfect, nothing is without its challenges. For this virtual currency, the main issue is that transactions aren’t verified, so once you send a payment, you can’t cancel it if it was accidentally sent to the wrong account.

While it’s perfectly secure for individual transfers, those who want to move to a different level – say, open up Bitcoin casinos – are hesitant to put their trust into a large-scale Bitcoin operation.

Despite these setbacks, it looks like Bitcoin gambling isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.