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Communicating Safely in the Car

Communicating Safely in the Car

Being able to make a quick phone call on the way to work or send a text is a great way to save time. Take for example you have several Valentine destination ideas in mind and you are wanting to set up hotel reservations, so you use […]

The World of Banking Will Never Be the Same

The World of Banking Will Never Be the Same

The world of banking has experienced drastic changes, especially in the past several years. The internet has opened new doors of opportunity that have both consumers and retailers excited. Of course, there will always be customers who prefer to handle financial issues in person, but […]

How Bitcoin Has Created a New Online Gambling Boom

How Bitcoin Has Created a New Online Gambling Boom

Bitcoin is the internet’s currency of choice. It’s digital currency with its own value independent of the currency that’s sanctioned in the world economy.

What does this have to do with online gambling? Well, quite a bit. First, let’s unpack why bitcoin is gaining popularity in and of itself.

Why Is Bitcoin So Popular?

Bitcoin has gained popularity because, depending on the digital wallet used, you can save on transaction fees that plague monetary payments online. Plus, Bitcoin payments are practically instantaneous. This is because the virtual currency uses peer-to-peer technology for transfers.

In contrast, on sites using regular currency, withdrawals and transfers are carried out through standard means. This includes wire transfers, direct deposits, and pre-paid Visa cards.

Bitcoin, however, is different. It’s a completely virtual concept. A person’s Bitcoin wealth exists only online, in the form of online “ledgers.” These are accessed through “keys” – long strings of encrypted letters and numbers.

If you have Bitcoin, you give out your public key so people can send you Bitcoins. Meanwhile, your private key keeps your balance safe and is used to authorize transactions.

But, exactly why is all this great for gamblers?

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Great for Gamblers

Bitcoin is great for gamblers because they can bypass governmental regulations set in place. They can also enjoy fresh innovations in the gaming, betting, and gambling worlds.

1. It Circumvents Regulations, But Isn’t Illegal

It’s illegal for U.S. gamblers to process internet poker payments using U.S. banks. In general, internet gambling in the U.S. with real money is illegal except in a few states.

However, since Bitcoin isn’t tangible currency regulated by any government, Bitcoin gambling breaks no laws. People are free to play Texas Hold’em with virtual currency on the internet till their heart is content – and it’s especially popular in places where online gambling is highly regulated.

2. New Gaming Innovations Keeps Things Interesting

Along with bypassing gambling regulations, Bitcoin is ushering in new gambling and gaming innovations. Using Bitcoin’s unique principles based on networking and cryptography, new games are springing up that are becoming even more popular than old standbys like Texas Hold’em, Omaha high/low, and stud poker.

3. You Get No-Cost, Speedy Transactions

As we already mentioned, Bitcoin transactions are instant and safe thanks to the technology. Plus, they aren’t privy to fees that go hand-in-hand with transferring regular old currency.

This makes using Bitcoin a tempting way to gamble, since you essentially keep all the Bitcoins you win.

These reasons and more are what makes the combination of Bitcoin and online gambling so tempting for many.

What Are the Challenges?

Though Bitcoin sounds perfect, nothing is without its challenges. For this virtual currency, the main issue is that transactions aren’t verified, so once you send a payment, you can’t cancel it if it was accidentally sent to the wrong account.

While it’s perfectly secure for individual transfers, those who want to move to a different level – say, open up Bitcoin casinos – are hesitant to put their trust into a large-scale Bitcoin operation.

Despite these setbacks, it looks like Bitcoin gambling isn’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

Planning an Exhibit: A Guide on How to Setup your Own Exhibit

Planning an Exhibit: A Guide on How to Setup your Own Exhibit

Exhibition at a tradeshow can be nerve-wracking if you do not have enough time to prepare a strategy for it. You do not have to worry much about it since there are many methods that you can try such as getting a help from ExpoMarketing. […]

How To Get A Great Deal When Buying A Car Online

How To Get A Great Deal When Buying A Car Online

When it comes to getting a great deal on a new or used car the best way to buy these days is online. Yet, how do you know which websites are the best sites to grab a great car deal? The best site will offer […]

4 Training Courses to Help You Become the “Collaboration” Guru of Your Company

4 Training Courses to Help You Become the “Collaboration” Guru of Your Company

Here are 4 training courses that will help you become the project collaboration guru of your company:

Teamwork and collaboration in the workplace: Free course:

A 6-day course that will walk you through creating the right daily task lists, keeping track of task plans, improving pm skills for your team, setting team goals and achieving them, and more.

Project Collaboration with Sharepoint:

Hosted by the University of Denver this course focuses on the role of collaboration as a critical success factor in project planning and execution.

Collaboration Skills Training:

Hosted by Business Training Works, this course provides teams with tools that encourage collaboration during meetings, offer conflict resolution tactics, and suggest a multitude of methods to spawn ideas, improve reasonability and evaluate different options.

Teamwork & Collaborative Training:

Bruce Mayhew Consulting’s Teamwork and Collaboration training provides the tools and opportunities participants need to experience the benefits of collaboration.

Want to know all about what is project collaboration? Download our free project collaboration PDF here.

Read more about Genius Project’s project collaboration feature, available for free with a standard license of our software.

Ethics and the Internet of Things

Ethics and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has created a series of new ethical dilemmas and they call for a renewed look at the rules and regulations that guide companies as they embrace and implement IoT solutions including smart devices, apps, and gather data from consumers. The issues […]

Should Online Casinos Be Legalized in All US States?

Should Online Casinos Be Legalized in All US States?

For decades, debates across the entire United States have raged on the issue of gambling. From nuanced changes in federal law to local initiatives, many people have advocated for the construction of new casinos and a liberalization of gambling laws in hundreds of jurisdictions. Throughout […]

How to Fund your New Business through Playing Online Poker

How to Fund your New Business through Playing Online Poker

Something you may have never considered as a fantastic opportunity for generating a very handsome level of capital is through the playing of online poker. Whether you plan on playing in the professional leagues, or will just be applying your talents in the casual sectors, there is much money to be made through the cyber format of what has always been one of the world’s most popular card games.


Poker is by no means a difficult game to get to grips with, but you will of course need some of the best relevant services in this gaming department to make the most out of your time and effort. Check out NetBet Casino for some of the most proficient and advanced technologies suited for this leading card game, which have taken this game to new heights.


The Basics of Online Poker


Whether you are very familiar with the rules of Poker, or are a complete newcomer to this high-stakes card game, you will find that the online versions will guide you through its mechanics with much guidance and care.


The best online casinos want you to be able to play their games properly, which is why they will have some of the most advanced guides available. You may also find that there are live streaming dealers available at certain times, and these talented professionals will be more than happy to assist you with whichever qualms you may have through the live chat functions.


Take your game to the next level by ensuring that you play as much as possible. You will soon find that you have what it takes to enter the professional leagues. Although you may find that you are making a fair amount of money playing in the normal fields, playing in the professional or ranked arenas is where the massive winnings can be found.


Playing Professionally – No Small Task


If you have decided that playing in the ranked arenas is indeed the best way forwards for your capital-collecting efforts, then you need to realize that such a decision will indeed require much dedication and effort.


If you are already working, then you will need to take a week off work leading up to your first competition in order to ensure that you have put in enough training and conditioning to gear yourself up to the appropriate level to contend with the big players.


You should never agree to entering a competition until you have spent a lot of time playing in the casual arenas, and are completely confident that your skills and abilities are on par with the requirements for such a heightened level of play.


Upon entering the actual tournament, the most important thing to keep in mind is maintaining peace of mind and a sound judgment. Although you will be playing alone in your room, in front of your computer, and not in a room filled with other players who will be scrutinizing your behavior and expressions, you still need to ensure that you remain as composed and focused as possible.

Do You Have A Tech Idea? Here Are Three Reasons to Incubate Them in Hong Kong

Do You Have A Tech Idea? Here Are Three Reasons to Incubate Them in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has for many years won praise globally for supporting startups. As an Independent Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong works very hard to support businesses and stay ahead of other nations. The developments of the last decade have demonstrated that the world is […]

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Being able to make a quick phone call on the way to work or send a text is a great way to save time. Take for example you have several Valentine destination ideas in mind and you are wanting to set up hotel reservations, so you use your smartphone on the way to work to book a room. This is an excellent way to go over Valentine’s Day destination ideas without your sweetheart around, which is sure to enhance the surprise. What many people fail to realize, though, is that using the phone while driving is very unsafe. Even if it is something as simple as checking a text without sending a reply, taking your eyes off the road for even a split second can lead to disastrous results. Fortunately, though, there are several tips that all drivers can follow to improve their safety while communicating in the car. If you have found yourself with a traffic ticket for cell phone use in the car, you will definitely want to take advantage of an NYS defensive driving course. For now, let’s take a quick look at several tips for driving safely while communicating in the car.

Sync Your Phone with Your Car’s Bluetooth

Most newer cars, and even some of the ones that are more than a decade old, have Bluetooth communication capabilities. By syncing your cell phone with your car’s Bluetooth, you can easily take advantage of hands-free communication tools, including the ability to make and receive phone calls. Some cars even provide hands-free texting options. Just imagine being able to call a hotel and book a room, as well as send a text to your sweetheart telling her not to make plans for Valentine’s Day, all without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. This greatly increases your safety while driving.

Set Your Phone to Driving Mode

Most smartphones have a setting that you can turn on that puts your phone in ‘driving mode,’ meaning it doesn’t alert you when you receive a text message, email, or social media notification. Since you don’t receive any alerts, you are not tempted to take your hands off the wheel to check your smartphone while driving. Instead, when you get to your destination, you can then go into your phone and turn off the driving mode and all your alerts will come through.

Have Your Passenger Do the Texting for You

If you have a text message that you are absolutely needing to check or send, you can always have your passenger check your phone for you. This way, you don’t have to take your phones off the wheel why you are driving.

Use Your Phone’s Assistant Capabilities

Many smartphones come with built-in assistants. iPhones have Siri, while Android phones usually have Google Assistant. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities, you can use your phone’s assistant capabilities to make hands-free phone calls as well as send text messages for you.

Pull Over to Make Phone Calls and Send Messages

Lastly, if you have a phone call or text message you need to read or send, and you can’t use Bluetooth or your phone’s assistant capabilities, you can pull over and safely take care of your communication activities. Simply pulling over and making a phone call or sending a text message can be the difference between getting to your destination safely or having an accident. Gas stations and rest stops are excellent places to pull over and make phone calls and check text messages.