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5 ways you benefit from pipelines

5 ways you benefit from pipelines


Have you ever wondered whether we need pipelines? The simple answer is that oil and gas pipelines, and the products they transport, impact every aspect of our daily lives.

Canada’s transmission pipeline companies transport crude oil, refined oil products and natural gas across Canada and the United States. Here are just a few of the ways everyone in Canada benefits from their operations:

1. Safe, reliable transportation of fuel: Pipelines transport more than a billion barrels of oil every year. They bring us the fuel we need to heat our homes, power our vehicles and cook with; they help keep planes in the sky and our country on the move.

Fuel fact A: Compared to rail and trucks, pipelines are safer and more economical way to transport the products that fuel our lives.

Fuel fact B: Although alternative energies are making huge strides, the technology is not yet there to provide a reliable, affordable alternative to oil and gas.

2. Raw materials for manufacturing: Every day you interact with thousands of items that are made from petroleum products. Plastics, paint, rubber and nylon are a few of the materials we have thanks to the petroleum products transported in pipelines. Electronics, ink, crayons, toothbrushes and bandages are just some of the products we would not enjoy without oil and gas.

Pipelines transport the petroleum products that provide our manufacturing industries with a reliable supply of affordable raw materials. Without them, you might not even have access to the electronic device you’re reading this article on!

3. Pipeline companies provide opportunities: Pipeline companies provide thousands of jobs – both directly as well as indirectly – with the service companies and ancillary industries that work with pipeline operators and oil and gas companies. The jobs they provide help boost local economies across Canada.

Many pipeline companies also work with aboriginal communities to provide training and career prospects.

4. Pipeline companies invest in their communities: Pipeline companies believe they have a responsibility to share the benefits of their construction and operations with the communities where they work. They invest millions of dollars every year in community initiatives.

5. Fueling the economy: In 2016, Canada’s transmission pipeline companies alone contributed $1.5 billion to government tax revenues. Everyone in Canada benefits from these government revenues and the services they provide.

If you use Canada’s roads, health services, schools, libraries and other services, then you benefit from pipelines.

These are just a few of the benefits of pipelines. As you go about your day today, take a minute to think about how your life would be different without pipelines and the materials they transport.

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