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4 Training Courses to Help You Become the “Collaboration” Guru of Your Company

4 Training Courses to Help You Become the “Collaboration” Guru of Your Company

Here are 4 training courses that will help you become the project collaboration guru of your company:

Teamwork and collaboration in the workplace: Free course:

A 6-day course that will walk you through creating the right daily task lists, keeping track of task plans, improving pm skills for your team, setting team goals and achieving them, and more.

Project Collaboration with Sharepoint:

Hosted by the University of Denver this course focuses on the role of collaboration as a critical success factor in project planning and execution.

Collaboration Skills Training:

Hosted by Business Training Works, this course provides teams with tools that encourage collaboration during meetings, offer conflict resolution tactics, and suggest a multitude of methods to spawn ideas, improve reasonability and evaluate different options.

Teamwork & Collaborative Training:

Bruce Mayhew Consulting’s Teamwork and Collaboration training provides the tools and opportunities participants need to experience the benefits of collaboration.

Want to know all about what is project collaboration? Download our free project collaboration PDF here.

Read more about Genius Project’s project collaboration feature, available for free with a standard license of our software.

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