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Month: April 2018

About to Start a Business? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

About to Start a Business? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

When it comes to opening any type of business, the success hinges on one thing – planning. If you don’t plan for the right events or anticipate the next moves then your business could end up closing its doors before you haven’t even had a […]

5 ways you benefit from pipelines

5 ways you benefit from pipelines

  Have you ever wondered whether we need pipelines? The simple answer is that oil and gas pipelines, and the products they transport, impact every aspect of our daily lives. Canada’s transmission pipeline companies transport crude oil, refined oil products and natural gas across Canada […]

Investment Fraud Attorneys: How They Can Help Your Business

Investment Fraud Attorneys: How They Can Help Your Business

Investment fraud is a deception or scheme involving investments that can affect either a company or a person. This article will help you know how an attorney who has specialized in investment fraud issues can help your business.

According to statistics, citizens of America lose about 36.5 million U.S. dollars every year to abuse and financial scams. Investment fraud has actually become a common issue in the unstable world economy. Therefore, it is necessary for you, especially if you are an investor, to be aware of your rights.

Trusted investment fraud attorneys represent individuals as well as institutional investors in investment fraud cases including accounting fraud, Ponzi schemes, and other related lawsuits. Various law firms, such as the Galvin Legal, PLLC, can help you understand more about these types of cases.

Common Types of Investment Frauds

  • Unsuitable investments – this is a common type of an investment fraud. It happens when an investment advisor or a broker places his client in an unsuitable investment so as to maximize his commission.

  • Churning – this kind of a claim happens when a broker incorrectly overtrades in the account of his client. A broker may do this with the intention of generating commissions and fees for himself.

  • Unauthorized trading – in this case, an investment advisor or a broker sells or buys securities without the consent of the client. An investment advisor may decide to do this in order to maximize his commission.

How Investment Fraud Attorneys can Help Your Company

1. Investment Fraud and Scams

Investment fraud attorneys can help you solve several business-related issues. They can represent you in lawsuits concerning fraudulent investment goods as well as other investment scams like EB-5 investment fraud, Ponzi schemes, Reg D offerings, non-traded REITs, and more.

2. Securities Fraud

Most of these attorneys are knowledgeable when it comes to lawsuits regarding securities fraud. In fact, some of the experienced attorneys have represented several shareholders in class action cases to hold businesses responsible for lack of disclosure and acts of representation. If you are involved in these kinds of cases, seek help from these attorneys and you may end up recovering your money.

3. Securities Arbitration

Some of the investment fraud attorneys provide security arbitration services like FINRA arbitration. If you require these services, investment fraud attorneys can be helpful to you. They will actually take you through the arbitration process successfully.

4. Institutional Investor Services

Top-notch Investment fraud attorneys in the industry have served a co-lead counsel in several securities fraud lawsuits on behalf of many institutional investors. If your business has been involved in a security fraud case, consider hiring these types of attorneys, and they will help you know the right procedure for you to follow.

Some of the best attorneys in this industry do not only represent their clients in the court of law, but they also offer expert monitoring as well as case evaluation services to investors. Such attorneys can be helpful to you in times of need.


Whether your investment advisor recommended a risky or unprofitable investment without letting you know the risks, or your investment advisor made trades without your authorization or understanding, consider taking the right action. Seek help from investment fraud attorneys with a good track record and all will be well.